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Our block-paved driveways are elegantly designed and professionally installed. Discuss your requirements by contacting Bingham Block Paving & Landscaping today.

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Tough, resilient, attractively designed driveways

As our name suggests, block paving is a service in which we excel here at Bingham Block Paving & Landscaping. It's tough, can put up with a lot of weight (hence it's perfect for parking your car on), and creates a truly outstanding surface that has oodles of kerb appeal.

  • Choose from a variety of colours and finishes

  • Creative patterns and designs are easily achievable

  • Great for patios, walkways and driveways

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Go for a rustic or contemporary look that complements your home

  • Easy to clean and maintain

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Block paving options:

  • Block-paved driveways

  • Block-paved patios

  • Block-paved footpaths

  • Commercial block paving

  • Block paving for public spaces

What makes block paving so ideal?

Not only is block paving load bearing, structurally strong and incredibly versatile in terms of design, it also has excellent, in-built water drainage capabilities. This means you won't have problems with standing water or slippery surfaces.

It's also long lasting and easy to maintain - you may need to give it a sweep and pull up the odd weed every now and then, but that's it! 

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Discuss your new block-paved driveway with us. Call 07399 047013